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What We offer !

Our beautiful white sand beaches with clear blue waters, protected by a barrier reef that stretches round the east end of the island, these conditions offer a water sports playground like no other !

Our office located at the Wyndham resort in east end is where you can find us however our services are carried out at multiple locations, this blog will explore the services that we offer at White Sand water sports and should give you a reason to choose us as your water sports provider.

We are a small tight nit team, a relatively humble bunch of beings and to summarise your standard bunch of beach folk. Normally you can find us playing with toys on the beach or in the office talking about playing with toys on the beach, watching a few surf films or discussing surfing.

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Location 1 – The Office ( Wyndham Reef )

Unless they are doing paddle board and kayak deliveries ( Island wide delivery ! ) the office is normally where you will find boss man 1 and 2 Alan and Dave, unless they are discussing surfing, property or politics they will happily assist you with your activity choice ( or if you just want a chat )

Services offered at this location include our jet ski tours, we offer snorkel and adventure tours for single and double riders.

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We offer paddle board and kayak rental from our office location as well as delivery options. Snorkel rental also available for daily and weekly rental.

We offer a Snorkel tour from our pontoon boat, equipped with slides, this is available for tours and private charters and is great fun for family and large groups with a max capacity of 16, the 2 level boat comes equipped with music and slides and you are more than welcome to bring beverages on board. Dependant on the weather conditions our pontoon boat will depart from the Wyndham Reef resort or our second location White Sands Beach aka Kite Beach

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Location 2 – White Sands Beach aka Kite Beach

Our private beach situated just south of the Morritts resort, it is a 2 min drive from our office location and a 10-15 min walk. The beach is open to all, so if you fancy a change of scenery, somewhere to chill out or somewhere to kick back and take in the beautiful view our beach has to offer come along, all we ask if some environmental consciousness.

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However if a faster pace of life is your thing this is the place to be. This is the home of White Sand Diving and our kitesurfing school !

Our qualified and experienced staff will take good care of you if your are opting to take to the deep blue or take to the skies you will be in safe friendly hands. El Capitan Mr George is the manager of White Sand Diving, the dive boat, has a maximum capacity of 8 which results in a closer and more personalised experience, we can take you to any of the dive sites around east end ( dependant on weather conditions ) and diving on the west end of the island is also an option.

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An alternative way of taking to the skies is with our jetovator which is typically ran from our beach location, this is a safer easier alternative to the jet board with a larger sense of instant gratification.

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Location 3 –Kaibo + Starfish point

Join us at Kaibo for our popular stingray city snorkel tour, we run this tour from Kaibo Yacht club at 7AM 10AM and 2PM.

We will take you to the famous stingray city sandbar that is situated in the middle of the north sound, this is where you can walk, swim and feed these amazing fish, we then take you to the barrier reef where we can find alot of shallow coral heads that offer an incredible snorkeling experience! average tour time is between 2:00 – 2:30 hours, we also offer private charters.

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And to finish lets look at our evening bioluminescence tour is ran just along from Kaibo at Starfish point. The bioluminescence aka bio is an amazing spectacle that amazes again and again, to emphasise this experience we provide clear glass bottom kayaks that give the feeling of floating on water, tour times are dependant on time of year and the tours can only be ran for 20 days per month so best to enquire early.

So . . . Come join us, we are slightly smaller than the rest but this allows us to customise our services to the individual which results in a unique custom, better experience with increased focus on you!