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Grand Cayman Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals SUP

White Sand Water Sports is proud to offer incredible rates and a great selection of quality Stand Up Paddle Boards. We are also pleased to offer island wide delivery on all of our boards.

We will make the experience as easy and hassle free as possible for you. You can call us at 1 (345) 916-7263 or 1 (345) 938-7263 and we will bring your stand up paddle board to where you are staying. You then are free to use your paddle board as much as you want for the duration of your rental. Once you are done, you call us again and we come to your location and pick up your SUP. It’s really that simple. We offer a variety of rental options for you which can be found below.


Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rental Pricing

  • By the hour 

    • 1 Hour $25

    • 2 Hours $45

    • 3 Hours $60

  • By The Day

    • $65 Per Day (Delivery not included)

  • By The Week (Includes Delivery)

    • 1 Board: $235

    • 2 Boards: $440

    • 3 Boards: $635

    • 4 Boards: $880


Cruiser SUP Dura-Maxx 10’6″ & 11’4″ with Full Length Deck Pad, Dura-Shield Shell

Length: 10'6" 11’4"
Volume: 230L 260L
Width: 32.5" 33.5"
Thickness: 5" 5.25"
Weight:  29.5 lbs 32.5 lbs
Fin Type: Center:
9" Touring
9" Touring
Weight Range: (lbs) - -
Beginner: Up to 225 Up to 300
Advanced: Up to 250 Up to 325

There are many reasons why paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world.
- The learning curve in incredibly quick so anyone can learn to do it in a short period of time.
- It provides great health benefits for both the body and mind.
- Its a good way to meet new people and share experiences; the SUP community is growing quickly.
- And perhaps the most important reason is because Stand Up Paddle Boarding is FUN
I would like to talk more about the health benefits someone gets from SUP and why everyone should (and can) do it.


SUP uses specific muscles…
Different activities and exercises are going to use different muscles. People who are new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding will find they are using muscles they may never have before and which may not get much exercise in day to day life. From your toes to your head and everywhere in between, muscles and being used to stabilize yourself on the board just trying to stand still. These smaller muscles are constantly firing and working to keep you balanced. When you start paddling, the larger muscles of the upper body kick in and start to work harder. Chest, back, arms and core are all used to move the paddle through the water and propel you forward which leads to increased strength and muscle tone. But perhaps the part of the body most used during SUP is the core. Your core is so much more than just abs, it is the group of muslces which keep a person upright and protects their spine. Core workouts like those on a paddle board, can increase your balance, coordination, improve your posture, help prevent back injuries, and also get you a little closer to that '6-pack' you always wanted.


SUP is a great Cardio...
A cardiovascular exercise (cardio) is one that increases a persons heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time. It is recommended that people try to do 140 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week, which works out to 20 minutes a day. Paddle Boarding can be a great form of cardio and certainly is a lot more fun that being stuck inside on a treadmill. Challenge a friend to a race or time yourself over a certain distance and try to beat that time. The key is to keep your heart rate up and to have fun. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your overall health and fitness improves.


SUP is a great way to relax and relieve stress...
Imagine taking a walk, riding a bike, or jogging for exercise. Unless you are one of the very lucky few, you will probably have to do these activities in an area with other people, traffic, smog, noise etc. A paddle board let you explore almost any body of water allowing you to get away from it all. You can escape the crowds, traffic and explore areas why people may not have been before providing stress relief and relaxation. Exercise causes your body to release endorphins which can increase happiness and elevate your mood. Studies have also shown that people who spend more time outdoors tend to have a more positive outlook on life. Also, by increasing your overall health and fitness, you will also increase your self confidence which will make day to day life that much easier. There are many reasons why we love paddle boarding and the health benefits are just an added bonus. Now is a great time to try the sport for the first time, or try to get involved in your local SUP community. To those newbee's, we offer free lessons with a weekly rentals and renting a board before you buy one can help you find out what board works best for you.
So have fun, stay safe, keep your heart rate up, and we'll see you on the water.